Nacogdoches County, Texas

Thursday, September 23, 2021



1.      You are encouraged to bring your O'Connor's book to court.


2.      As for any type of hearing, all counsel are required to meet (before   the hearing) to try to narrow the issues down.  You may use my jury room, or either of the two library rooms across the hall from the courtroom.  Experience has shown that 90% of the contested issues are resolved once both attorneys sit down, face to face, and actually discuss the issues.


3.      As for scheduling hearings, once you have filed motions and requests for a hearing call my Administrator (936-560-7799) to have the hearing scheduled.


4.      All civil cases (except those filed as expedited actions under TRCP 169) are handled as Level Three cases. Once all parties have been served and counsel has been retained, all counsel must fill out and file an Agreed Docket Control Order Form. If you are filing an expedited action under TRCP 169, call the Court Administrator at 936-560-7799 and tell her. There are several tactical dangers in filing a petition under Rule 169, so think twice before you do.


5.      Click "here" to download the required Agreed Docket Control Order form.


6.      Refer to the Civil Jury Trial Settings Procedure to select final pretrial, jury selection, and jury trial dates.  click here for the 2021 dates.  click here for the 2022 dates.  Contact the Court Administrator (936-560-7799) to discover how many cases are already scheduled on the dates you are intrested in.


7.      Select your trial date first and then work backwards from there.


8.      If a D.C.O. is not filed within a few months after all parties are served, a status conference will be scheduled to have a D.C.O. signed in court.


9.      Make certain to read, calendar, and follow all points included in the D.C.O.  Mediation is mandatory. Exhibits may be pre marked, but the following rules apply. They must be marked 1 through the last numerical number. The exhibits must not contain dashes or letters such as 1a. Exhibits do not have to be pre marked, and the court reporter can mark the exhibits for you. In either case counsel shall provide the court reporter with an exhibit list prior to the beginning of testimony.


10.    "Rambo" litigation tactics will not be tolerated.