1.      Always be:          Polite






2.      Remember: Proper preparation prevents pitiful performance.


3.      When making a legal argument, always bring a courtesy copy (for me) of the case law or statute that you are relying upon.  Highlight the portion you are wanting me to see.


4.      On jury selection day, be at the court at 8:00 a.m.


5.      The courtroom has a nice drop down screen for jury presentations.  We do not have an Elmo so you will need to bring your own computer/projector/elmo/or digital projector for trial.  There are electrical outlets in the floor by both counsel tables.  You are encouraged to have your IT person come to court the business day before trial to set up any electrical equipment.  Please call us at 936-560-7799 in advance to make certain the courtroom is not in use on that day.


6.      As for voir dire, each side should try to stick to 45 minutes to one hour.


7.      When you wish to make a challenge for cause, please turn to the Judge and say, "Challenge for cause".  Do this while you are questioning the panelist.  You cannot make the challenges for cause at the end of voir dire.




8.      As for peremptory challenges, you must draw a line through the name you want stricken, write "strike" beside the name, and physically hand your strike list to the Assistant Clerk either in the courtroom or in the clerk's office.



9.      You may pick up your jury packets the Thursday or Friday before   jury selection.  They will be available in the District Clerk's   office.  You can have them Fed Exed to you at your expense.  Call the District Clerk's office for details.  Your jury packet has a great deal more information than most courts so it is worth reviewing before voir dire.


10.    A seating chart of the jury panel will be given to you by the court staff on jury selection day.  You can call prior to jury selection and request one be sent to you.