Nacogdoches County, Texas

Thursday, September 23, 2021



1.      We use a "pass slip" system for scheduling court appearances. Defendants will be notified by their bondsmen when to appear for their first court appearance.  At each appearance setting, you and your client will receive a pass slip indicating the date, time and purpose of the next setting.

          * The pass slip is your only notice of future settings. *


2.      Court settings are made by the Court Administrator who will be in court during the docket.  She will work with you to select a court date that is convenient for everyone.


3.      If a jury trial is requested, I will sua sponte sign a discovery order.  It's deadline date will be the pretrial date.  You will be given a copy of it.  99% of the attorneys say that it takes care of their discovery issues.  Click "here" to see a copy of it.  It is your responsibility to schedule a time to review the discovery items with the prosecutors before the deadline.



4.      Any motions that you wish to be heard must be filed and served on the State.  You must also contact the Court Administrator (936-560-7799) and ask her to schedule it.  Please ask that it be set on the pretrial date that will be given to you when a trial date is selected.


5.      If your client is incarcerated, and you wish to visit with them at a court setting, ask the bailiff for permission to visit him/her in the gallery.


6.      If you are concerned about a potential security threat, please contact the court staff as soon as possible.


7.      If your client is incarcerated, it is your responsibility to have proper street clothes given to him for jury trials.


8.      A defendant's appearance for all settings CANNOT BE WAIVED.


9.      If your client is incarcerated for an alleged probation violation and   a plea bargain cannot be reached at his first court appearance, his revocation hearing will then be scheduled.  Unlike trials, plea bargains will be accepted on the revocation hearing days.


10.    NO plea bargains on the day of trial.  They will only be accepted before a trial date.


11.   It is the General Order of this Court that all motions for continuance, agreed and contested, in criminal trials in the 145th Judicial District Court shall be in writing and shall follow all other requirements set forth in Chapter 29 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.