Nacogdoches County, Texas

Thursday, September 23, 2021



1.      Juvenile cases are prosecuted by the District Attorney's office (936-560-7766).

2.      Nacogdoches County is fortunate to have an outstanding Juvenile Probation Department (936-560-7710).

3.      Nacogdoches County does not have a juvenile detention facility.  Juvenile clients are typically kept at detention facilities in Longview, Marshall and Lufkin.

4.      Juvenile hearings/court appearances/and trials are scheduled in the same manner as criminal cases.  Click on "Criminal Cases" to see how it is handled.

5.      Families who cannot afford an attorney for their child must fill out an affidavit of indigence at court.  The Judge will determine whether to appoint an attorney to represent the juvenile.

6.      Attorneys retained before the juvenile's first setting should contact the Court Administrator (936-560-7799) to get the setting date and time.